How To Clean Your Own Carpets?

10 Step Guide To DIY Carpet Cleaning

DIY Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is quite a daunting process and time consuming. For this reason, many of us chose not do it on our own. However, professional carpet cleaning service comes with a price. Therefore, before spending hefty amount on a cleaning service first try to follow these simple steps. Thanks to the team of Pro Carpet Cleaning for helping us put together this guide.

Step by Step Process to DIY Carpet Cleaning

Step 1: Do your research

Carpet is made up of either a synthetic or natural fibre.  Before settling to any kind of cleaning method, know first the type of carpet you have. This is because each type has its corresponding way of cleaning. After you determine its material, start to make a strategic plan for cleaning. Gather all of your necessary tools and products. Then, set aside some dedicated time to do it.

Step 2: Take out your pets

Close the door and lock them out. You may also put up a barrier or baby gate if needed. Many dogs and cats leave pet hair and dander on carpets.  It’s also important to use cleaning products that are safe to pets. Plus. the sound of a vacuum cleaner may scare them so take them away far from the working area.

Step 3: Move the furniture

When cleaning carpeted floors yourself, you want to complete the process as thoroughly as possible. By removing all furniture from the room you will be able to clean every corner of the floor surface. This will also give you an opportunity to clean your furniture so that you do not end up reintroducing dirty items into a clean room after cleaning.

Step 4: Pick up all items in the carpeted area

Small items like coins, hair ties, twist ties, string, and many more can often get stuck in vacuum. It is best to pick these items up by hand before vacuuming.

Step 5: Vacuum cleaners

There are many vacuum cleaner available in the market today. Choose the one that suits your preference. It’s highly recommended to use a machine that has a HEPA filter as it can help kill allergens like dust mites in your carpet. Moreover, always ensure to empty your vacuum’s removable receptacle every after you used it.

Step 6: Vacuum floors

Using long slow motions followed by short quick motions, vacuum your floors carefully and thoroughly. Pay close attention to the corner and spaces near baseboards. Same with doorways as these are high-traffic areas.

Step 7: Pre-treatment 

There are many different carpet pre-treatments available in stores. Foams, powders, and spray liquid options are all some of the carpet cleaning pre-treatments. It is important to thoroughly read the instructions on the package before applying it to floors. Make sure to let it sit as long as needed for maximum effect. There are also homemade solutions that you can use for pre-treatments. Many of these involve baking soda because of its deodorising and detoxifying properties.


Carpet Cleaning Guide

Step 8: Start the cleaning process

After vacuuming the area, it is time to start cleaning. You can either do dry cleaning or hot water extraction to deeply clean your carpets . Regardless of what method you choose, ensure that every inch of your carpet is thoroughly clean.

Step 9: Apply deodoriser 

After cleaning, apply a scented post treatment. This helps prevent musty smell on your carpets.  It will keep the room smells fresh and clean for days. If you have pets, make sure you choose a product that is completely safe to use around them.

Step 10: Re-occupancy

Before putting everything back, ensure that the carpet is completely dry. Open the doors and windows after cleaning. Turning the fan on can also help dry the carpets quickly.

Take Away

These steps will surely bring your carpets back to life. They are fairly easy to follow. However, if anything goes out of hand don’t hesitate to call your local carpet cleaning experts.